Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two Braids. One mind.

Actually, my friend did one, and I did the other, so that's probably also two minds. Oh well. 

Hope just started braiding small side sections and then pinning them back. She did that twice, but then she braided (or twisted) the strands leftover from the braids and pinned them back into the other braids. Looks complicated, right? But then she just did a fat, loose fishtail braid at the end.

I just did three regular braids. One straight down the back. On the right i took hair from the left side and pulled it under the middle braid. And the braid on the left, i pulled hair from the right side and pulled it over the middle braid. Voila! Then I curled the ends with a curling iron. And it's fancy! I can even do this on my own hair, so there are no excuses!

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