Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hair Break.

So, all my life I have been a little hair challenged. And when I say a little, I mean a lot. i can do buns and ponytails and that's it. Even the simplest braid becomes a mass anxiety attack that leaves me fighting off the urge to chop all my hair off. That being said, I have finally grown my hair out and stopped chemically murdering it and would like to actually wear my hair differently once in a while. 

It just so happens that I have this friend who has some pretty nifty hair ideas that are quite easy. . .

It's pretty much a fancy half up-do, except with gaps in the middle. So take two strands from the front sides of your hair and then pull them to the back. Overlap one over the other (doesn't matter which one) and whichever one is on top, pin in place with a bobby pin or hairpin.  Repeat this and make sure to leave space in between each strand.  She only did it three times and it literally took about 3 minutes. After practice I could probably get it down to 30 seconds. I imagine you could spritz  a little hair spray over this, or before styling use a light holding gel to make it stay more, but I'm a natural kind of girl and hardly use that stuff.

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