Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Updated Coffee Station (and reviews)

I confess, I have an addiction. It's bad. Pretty sure without it, I'd turn into a monster. Luckily, it's just coffee, so I'm really not too concerned. In fact, I've embraced it. My first go-to experience in any new town/city/state is to find the best coffee shops (preferably that serve donuts as well). It's truly fun and it gives me lots of energy. Win win situation!

Anyways, the down side is that I have grown a somewhat extensive coffee mug collection, to the point where my hubby started a daily cycle of complaining about it. You know, something like, he couldn't get a mug out without at least 3 falling on him in the process. Eh. So, I got to purchase some nice shelves that could match our table setup, yay! Now, all of our coffee mugs are on display (well, most of them) and my hubby enjoys his coffee mug choice in the morning again.

So this is for all those coffee addicts out there:

Shelves: I mean, you can't go wrong with Etsy. And this store was fast and the shelves are STURDY.

Table: I purchased this from Target about a year and a half ago. It's held up perfectly. However, my only complaint being that the white isn't so white anymore, but that would be our own fault as coffee has been spilled. More than once.

Coffee Maker: This coffee maker is amazing. I purchased it from Williams-Sonoma when they were having one of their 20% 1 item sale, AND I had a giftcard. Otherwise, the price is hefty. However, my husband and I are SERIOUS coffee drinkers. Black. No flavor. So, we wanted a good, simple coffee maker that would bring out the flavors of our coffee beans. Also, the glass carafe is the way to go if you want this model. I repeat, glass carafe, not metal.

Nespresso: They actually don't even make the Nespresso machine I have anymore. Well, at least the style of it. I love my Nespresso, don't get me wrong, but if you're interested in buying one, I would actually skip the milk frother purchase part of it. I've attached below the frother I use now. It was $20 on Amazon. My milk frother from Nespresso had kinks after using it 3 times. And it's officially started to die about 5 months ago. Not ideal for the price. So, click the link below and save yourself some time. However, I highly recommend the actually Nespresso machine if you like espresso and lattes! Yum.

Milk Frother: Okay, it's not even $20.

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