Saturday, August 11, 2012

Braided Up-Do.

Hey there. So, I moved. And trying to do anything but not go completely insane during moving time is actually quite difficult, so my poor blog had to wait. Only now, am I finally settled and feeling mostly at ease. Sure, painting still needs to be done and fixing up the balcony, but whatever. I love my new place. It's really small though, and let me tell you, I have a fair amount of...uhh....stuff. I've really utilized the whole small space living idea, ha.....

Anyway, here's a hair style I did right before I moved, and I promise, lots more to come!

 First I did a french braid starting from the nape of the neck and went to the top of the head.
 Then...on each side of her head, I did one little twist (the ones where I twist the two pieces of hair in opposite directions of each other). And finally just twisted it all into a high bun.  Messy up-do of sorts.

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