Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hair Twists: Continued

Seriously, they're the easiest thing ever and look really pretty and really cool. 

Make four small twists on the upper side, two on each side, of your head. Remember a twist is just two sections of hair twisted in the same direction then wrapped around each other in the opposite direction in which they were twisted, heh. Make the four twists into two larger twists by...yes...that's right, twisting them together. At this point you could tie the two twists together and call it a day OR leave them untied and make another twist on each side of the head lower than the first two twists.  Finally, you're going to braid it all together. I used the twists on each side as two sections and what was left of the hair hanging down as the last section. That way, the twists are weaved through the braid. Yeah, that was a lot of words, but it takes no time or effort at all really.

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